Winston’s Tasting Note—Casa Cuba from Arturo Fuente

Winston’s Tasting Note—Casa Cuba from Arturo Fuente

Howdy folks and welcome to this edition of Winston’s Tasting Notes! In this edition we are smoking the Casa Cuba from Arturo Fuente. Be sure to watch the video and see our notes below for more information.

Casa Cuba

Excluding line extensions, the Casa Cuba is the first truly new line and blend from Fuente in well over a decade. That is not to say that this is a company that rests on its laurels. The Fuentes are always experimenting, blending and pushing the envelope but most of the time the new products are sold and branded by another company. Look at the Ashton Symmetry for an example. The Symmetry is the first cigar to use tobacco grown by the Fuentes in Nicaragua. The Symmetry, Lost City, ESG and others have mostly been the work of Carlito Fuente, JR. The Casa Cuba is from his father, Don Carlos. 

Don Carlos says that he wanted to blend and make a cigar in the traditional way that his father thought him. He set out to recreate the experience and taste of the Cuban tobacco that was used in those pre-embargo days of Arturo Fuente. Don Carlos also didn’t just run out to the tobacco barns at Tabacalera A. Fuente  and use their own leaf. He bought different components from different farms and farmers, like how his dad did it. The Fuentes are pretty secretive on exactly what different kinds of tobacco are in their cigars. But here is what we do know about the Casa Cuba:

  • The wrapper is Ecuadorian Havana. That means it was grown in Ecuador from Cuban seeds.
  • The binder and filler are also Cuban seed but grown in the Dominican Republic. 
  • All of the Casa Cuba Cigars are named after Cuban dominoes. For this review we smoked the Doble Tres which is a 5.5x 44 Corona. 

Sam’s Thoughts

I love the story behind this cigar. The Arturo Fuente that we all know and love today was built by the father and son team of Don Carlos and Carlito. With the Casa Cuba we have the father going back to the methods and traditions taught to him by his father. It is a great family story from a great cigar family. But this is more than just a story, this is one great cigar.

I would place the Casa Cuba in the medium bodied cigar category. The flavors remain pretty consistent thought out the whole smoke but they play off of each other with one coming to the front to be replaced by another in a few puffs. I pick up notes of leather, cedar and spice. I wouldn’t call this an overly spicy cigar, but there is some pepper here especially on the foot and in the first inch or so of the smoke. The cedar and leather, in my opinion, are two of the hallmarks of a real Cuban Cigar and these are here in spades. The interplay between these three is special and unique.

The construction and burn was near perfect. The cigar crowned and easily held an 1-1.5 inches of ash.

Sammy’s Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed the Casa Cuba. The construction was excellent as was the draw. I am predominantly a bold cigar smoker and I would rate the Casa Cuba as more of a medium-mild or slightly lighter than medium bodied cigar. That being said, it is not lacking for flavor.

I didn’t seem to get as much spice from this cigar as Sam did. I did find the spice off the foot and especially from the cold draw, but that went away very quickly. What I did pick up was a very light sweetness that transferred into a kind of creaminess. The sweetness really helped balance this cigar to my tastes.

Fuente says this is all Dominican or Ecuadorian tobacco, but there is a body and flavor to this cigar that has a whisper of Nicaragua.


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