Winston’s Tasting Notes—Arturo Fuente 858 Sun Grown Review

Welcome to our very first Tasting Notes Video and Article. In this new series we will be smoking cigars from the Winston’s Pipe and Cigar Emporium humidor. Our goal with these videos and articles is to give you an idea of what the reviewed cigar tastes like to us. Taste is subjective and everyone’s is different; that is why we are going to do something different than most traditional cigar reviews and have at least two people’s thoughts on the cigar. Be sure to watch the video below for our Tasting Notes on the Arturo Fuente 858 Sun Grown. Also read the additional notes we have below.


Additional Thoughts on The 858 Sun Grown

The 858 Sun Grown from Arturo Fuente is a limited edition cigar. They used to be more limited than they are currently, but are still not available year round. They are priced around the $6-7 mark depending on local taxes.

There are 3 other wrappers available in the 858 size (6.25”x47): Maduro, Natural, and Candela. The 858 size gets its name from Arturo Fuente Sr. He was 85 years-old when he passed away and the family made the 858 in his honor.

Sam’s Thoughts

I am the Sam with the glasses. The 858 Sun Grown is one of my favorite cigars, and has been for at least 5 years. To me they are one of the shining examples of what a cigar with a Sun Grown wrapper can taste like. Yes, there are a lot of different blends out there that use a SG wrapper, but this example from Fuente in the 858 size is a real gem.

Arturo Fuente 858 Sun GrownThe wrapper is toothy and has some fairly prominent veins. The cold draw was in that sweet spot for me: a little bit of restriction but far from being plugged. Right from the start, this cigar gave me a blast of cedar with a mellow natural sweetness. There is a little bit of spice to be found, but it is not a real peppery spice. I think it is more of the cedar that is coming through, or maybe a hint of cinnamon type spice.

Overall this cigar is exactly what I was expecting from a Fuente 858 Sun Grown. One of the great things about Fuente is their consistency and this cigar was no exception.

Sammy’s Thoughts

I am Sammy, the more attractive of the two Sams. The 858 Sun Grown is an excellent cigar. When I think of a cigar with a Sun Grown wrapper, I think of a spicy medium-to-full stick. However, the 858 SG has more sweetness than I usually associate with this wrapper type.

Arturo Fuente 858 Sun GrownIn true Fuente form, the wrapper has a naturally sweet taste. Do not get this confused with a sugared tip, or an aromatic cigar. The sweet flavor is very faint, balanced, and is from the natural process of fermenting and aging the tobacco.

On the first draw, I got a chocolatey aroma and a creamy taste with a little spice. About halfway through the cigar, the creaminess went away, but the aroma and slight spice stayed the same. Even towards the end of the experience, I still tasted that wonderful wrapper.

Overall I would introduce this cigar as mild(ish) to medium cigar for the bold smoker, and a straight medium for the mild smoker. It burned well, kept its crown and corrected itself nicely when it started to run a little down a vein.


So there you have two of our thoughts on the Fuente 858 Sun Grown. Please let us know your thoughts below, and include any cigars you might like to see us review. Be sure to check out the cigar accessories available on here at And stop by our shop in Fort Smith, AR and have a cigar!





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