Winston’s Tasting Notes­—Ashton Symmetry Belicoso

The Ashton Symmetry was launched in 2014 as Ashton’s first new product line since the ESG’s debut in 2005. Like all Ashton banded cigars, the Symmetry is rolled by Arturo Fuente at Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia in the Dominican Republic. Two of our tobacconists, Andrew and Sammy, both smoked the Symmetry Belicoso. We’ve got their tasting notes in the video below along with some additional written thoughts. Please check out both and let us know what you think of the Ashton Symmetry. If there are any other cigars you would like us to taste tell us about it in the comments.


Ashton Symmetry Belicoso

The Ashton Symmetry is an attempt at balancing Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos, a feat which takes a deft hand. This was the task set before Carlos “Carlito” Fuente Jr. by Ashton and Carlito has delivered once again with a blend that incorporates an Ecuadorian Habano Wrapper, Dominican binder, and a Dominican/Nicaraguan filler blend.

Andrew’s Thoughts

Some cigars try to take you on a journey or tell you a story. They are full of variation. Peaks and valleys of flavors each give way to one another. The Ashton Symmetry has a different goal in mind--the balance and consistency that a name like Symmetry implies. A goal I feel was achieved.

The lack of variation is not a lack of complexity as some might assume. The Ashton Symmetry uses subtlety and nuance to beautifully marry the seemingly oppositional flavors of the Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. Upon first lighting the cigar, I found earthy bitterness to be the most prominent flavor backed by some light spice notes. As things settle, an underlying sweetness surfaces and compliments the bitter and spicy flavors already present.

The amazing thing about the Ashton Symmetry is the consistency of the early flavors throughout the duration of the cigar. There is an almost imperceptible back and forth between the sweetness and bitterness. As one flavor comes up, the other descends--all the time being underscored by delicate spice. The mouthfeel of the smoke is luxuriously creamy. It allows the smoker to enjoy the full range of flavors.

In terms of strength, I would categorize this cigar as a pure medium for my own taste. A smoker more accustomed to milder cigars may find the Ashton Symmetry to be a little on the full side of medium. It is the type of cigar that calls the smoker back to it. You want to try it again just to be certain and I will certainly be smoking more of the Ashton Symmetry.

Sammy’s Thoughts

Andrew’s thoughts mostly mimic mine. I agree that the Ashton Symmetry has a balance to it that is very appealing. Upon first draw I instantly got oaky notes with a bit of spice. There was a bit of bitterness to go along with the light taste of a sweet wrapper. Bittersweet you could say.

After I smoked the first third of the cigar, the bitterness went away and I got to enjoy the sweet wrapper and slightly creamy taste. The creaminess was only relevant when I rolled the smoke off of my tongue. Chocolate notes began to roll though my nose and, of course, the wrapper still tasted amazing. This is where the consistency started to begin.

Symmetry is the perfect name for this cigar. Throughout the rest of the stick, I continued to smoke a lightly sweet wrapper with a mild creamy after tone. The note of chocolate still continued to permeate through the air. One thing both Andrew and I noticed was the overall aroma of the cigar was amazing. You can smoke this stick and people will immediately be drawn to it.

This cigar never deviated from a medium to a medium full stick towards the end. It was a well -balanced delicious cigar. Even though a mild smoker might consider this a medium to full smoke, I still think they would enjoy it due to its consistency. The Ashton Symmetry is a cigar that I would have no problem recommending to anyone.


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