Winston’s Tasting Notes—Flor De Las Antillas Toro

Welcome to this edition of Winston’s Tasting Notes. We are joined for this episode by a very special guest, Sammy’s father. Since this is a father and son review we thought it would be fitting to smoke a stick from My Father Cigars. We are rather clever and funny here at Winston’s.

Watch the video review and see Sam and Sammy’s notes below.

Flor De Las Antillas

My Father Cigars is the company of the Garcia Family. The patriarch Don Peppin, the father in My Father, has been in the cigar business all of his life. He started out in his home country of Cuba and that is where the name for this cigar comes from. The chain of islands that Cuba is a part of is called the Antillas in Spanish. Flor De Las Antillas translates to The Flower of The Antillas.

The Garcia Family have found a new home in Nicaragua and this cigar is a product from that country. This is a puro with all of the tobacco coming from Nicaragua. The tobacco used is a blend of Cuban seed with a Sun Grown wrapper from The Las Marias farm. The cigar smoked for the review is a 6x52 boxed pressed toro.


Sam’s Notes

I was very impressed with this cigar. I am mostly a mild cigar smoker and usually tend to stick with a Connecticut wrapper. When I do burn a bolder cigar I am looking for smoothness. The kind of smooth tobacco flavors that are found in well-aged cigars is what I am after. The Flor De Las Antilles delivers this in spades—at least after you get past the 1st inch of so.

When I first lit this cigar up I didn’t think I would like it. That initial 3rd was a little too spicy and bold for my pallet. But after I got past that first part the taste transitioned into that wonderful smooth tobacco flavor. This cigar, when I first lit it, was not balanced. But as it opened up the notes moved into some great interplay between the sweet and spicy.

The example I smoked had a perfect draw—not too tight but not too open. The ash was firm and a light grey color. The cigar held its ash very well too, except when I dropped it in the floor.

I like to joke that “cigars taste like cigar smoke.” But there is some truth to that statement. A premium cigar that is made from some of the finest tobacco in the world just has a certain taste and feel to the smoke. Sure we can talk about all of these different flavors that can be found in a cigar. Chocolate, nutmeg, white pepper, nacho cheese… but doesn’t it really come down to what good quality tobacco tastes like? To me the smoothness and balance a cigar has is the main factor between a hit or a miss. And once past that first part, the Flor De Las Antillas delivers those fantastic tobacco flavors with balance and smoothness.

As I said above, I am generally a milder cigar smoker. But this medium to full bodied My Father hit a home run with this Father. I will be adding these to my humidor at home.


Sammys Thoughts

The Flor De Las Antilles Toro from My Father Cigar is one of the most popular medium bodied cigars in our humidor. If you are seeking a solid medium bodied stick this is easily the best recommendation I could give you.

Right after lighting this Nicaraguan puro I instantly get some bold spicy notes from the retro hail and on the tip of my tongue. The draw is perfect making an excellent plume of smoke on every puff. One third of the way into the cigar the boldness completely goes away and turns into a wonderful medium bodied cigar. Upon passing through the middle third, and even the last third, it continues to be a solid medium with creamy chocolate aromas. It holds its ash very well and is rolled to perfection. I would expect nothing less from a My Father cigar.

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