The 2016 Winston's Gift Guide For The Pipe and Cigar Smoker

Winston's Pipe and Cigar Emporium Holiday Gift Guide

Winston's is here to help you find the right gift for the smoker in your life this Christmas. In that spirit here is a quick guide to aid in your holiday shopping.

For the Cigar Smoker

Ashton Padron Arturo Fuente Flor de las Antillas Cigars

  • Cigars by the box: If you know a cigar fan who has a favorite stick (or just always smokes the same thing) buying a box of that cigar is always a safe bet.
Cigar Sampler Tatujuaje Skinny Monster Arturo Fuente Opus X Alec Bradley Oliva
  • Cigar samplers: A good idea if you aren't certain of what your smoker likes or you know they like to play the field a little bit.
Winston's Pipe and Cigar Emporium Holiday Gift Guide
  • Rare and limited cigars: Cigars like the Arturo Fuente Añejos or CAO Amazon Basins are only released at certain times and in limited quantities making them highly desirable to all cigar smokers.
S.T. Dupont Minijet Maxijet Slim 7 Defi Extreme
  • S.T. Dupont lighters: The utmost in French luxury smoking accessories, S.T. Dupont lighters are sure to be appreciated by the discerning aficionado.
Brizard and Co.
  • Matched Accessories From Brizard and Co.: Brizard and Co. make a line of cigar and lifestyle accessories featuring exotic woods and leathers. From an ostrich lighter to match their boots to a lighter, flask, ashtray, and money clip all in zebra wood Brizard has got it.
Xikar XO Cutter
  • Xikar XO cutters: This is the newest cutter from Xikar so there is a good chance your intended gift recipient does not have one yet. They are also very cool.
Xikar Don't Tread On Me Dark Ages Rose Gold Magnetic Gift Set
  • Xikar gift sets: Cutter and lighter combos from Xikar are smart gifts for both the new smoker and the avid collector of cigar accessories.
Savoy Executive Humidor
  • Savoy Executive Humidor: Even if they already have a humidor it probably is not this nice. These are some of the best humidors on the market and would make a welcome addition to any smoker's set up.
Cigar Caddy Travel Humidor
  • Travel Humidors: Waterproof, crush proof, and generally all around resilient, these hard plastic, foam lined humidors are perfect for travel by plane, train, boat, or automobile.
Arturo Fuente Ashton Rocky Patel La Aroma de Cuba ashtray
  • Ashtrays: Full sized ceramic or crystal ashtrays class up any smoking area and keep the ashes contained for easier cleanup.

For the Pipe Smoker

Davorin Morta Pipes Castello Don Carlos Savinelli Rinaldo Ardor Radice Northern Briar

  • High grade pipe: The ultimate addition to any pipe collection is a handmade one of a kind piece of functional art. These are the pipes that will make someone truly believe in Santa Claus.
Winston's Pipe and Cigar Emporium Holiday Gift Guide
  • IM Corona pipe lighter: Matches or a Bic lighter might get the job done but nothing is quite so satisfying as heft and construction of an IM Corona. This is a lighter of choice for serious pipe smokers.
Esoterica Penzance Margate And So To Bed Peterson Sherlock Holmes Tsuge Germaine's Plum Cake Orlik Golden Sliced Balkan Sobranie Samuel Gawith Skiff Mixture Navy Hamburger Veermaster McClelland Holiday Spirit Christmas Cheer
  • Tinned Tobacco: These tins feature unique artwork and an extremely broad range of blends as well as a very long shelf life making them the best way to buy pipe tobacco as a gift. Don't be afraid of buying too many tins because they can be aged for decades.  
Winston's Pipe and Cigar Emporium Holiday Gift Guide
  • Pipe and Tobacco pouches: A good pipe deserves a good pouch and nothing feels as good to the touch as the soft leather of a high quality pipe pouch.
BJ Long pipe cleaners pipe tool tamper cork knocker savinelli
  • Pipe tools, tampers, and other accoutrement: For someone who smokes a pipe regularly a pipe tool, or tamper, is a true necessity. Whether you are getting them an upgrade or an extra this will be appreciated. And the noble pipe cleaner can stuff a stocking like no other.

You can buy everything on this list at Winston's Brick and Mortar location where our knowledgable staff of tobacconists can help steer you in the right direction. Much of what you see here is also available in our online store. Thank you for reading and we can't wait to see you this Holiday Season.



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