What We Smoked In January

Rocky Patel Super Ligero Royale Thunder by Nimish Decade Cameroon Sun Grown Maduro Twentieth Anniversary Lane Limited Andullo Cohiba La Gloria Cubana Partagas Punch Macanudo Hoyo de Monterrey

The inexorable march of time continues and we find ourselves in the second month of two thousand and seventeen. What happened to January? More importantly, what happened at Winston’s in January? Our month was dominated by preparations for the big Rocky Patel event. Max Stokkebye came by to promote pipe tobaccos from Peter Stokkebye and Lane Limited. And the one day it snowed in January was one of our busiest days of the month.

So what stood out with regards to tobacco? We tried a lot of different Rocky Patel products but not many other cigars. One stick that sort of blew us away was the Thunder by Nimish. We tried it not really expecting much based on presentation and price. We were wrong. Well rounded flavor with a little bit of pepper punch available in a $5.59 robusto. It is medium to medium full in strength and pretty much everyone who has tried it has liked it.

Another big hitter from Rocky that we are pretty impressed with is the Super Ligero. We’ve actually had this in the shop for while but when we began really digging into the Rocky Patel lineup our fondness for this particular cigar was rekindled. The Super Ligero is something for all the spiceheads out there. I am talking healthy amounts of spice. LFD levels. At Winston’s we love it when a cigar is willing to be bold in both flavor and character.

If you attended the event you got a Rocky Patel Royale. If you went ahead and smoked it you know why this is a noteworthy cigar. Smooth and rich in a medium bodied package make the Royale extremely smokable. In fact this stick could be an everyday smoker and it would take a long time for fatigue to set in. Smokability is one of the hallmarks of Rocky Patel’s line and the Royale exemplifies that.

Hey, we also tried some interesting pipe tobacco in January! A couple stood out at the event we did with Max. Macanudo, a product of the partnership between Lane Limited and General Cigar, is a blend of Black Cavendish, Cavendish, and Virginia tobaccos with a light vanilla flavoring. Technically this is an aromatic blend but in practice Macanudo bridges the gap between true Virginias and heavy aromatics. You still get the natural Virginia sweetness but cut with Cavendishes to ensure a smooth smoking experience and topped with vanilla for a pleasing room note.

Another from Lane Limited is Andullo. This blend uses a type of tobacco that has never been commercially available in USA before. It’s been smoked in pipes in the Dominican for years and it is essentially cigar leaf that is aged/fermented with a particular method of bunching the leaves that gives it a wholly unique flavor. This is paired with a generous portion of Black Cavendish and a pinch of Latakia to round off the rough edges and add depth respectively. They added anisette, licorice, and vanilla flavoring as well making this a very interesting aromatic tobacco. For serious pipe guys this is certainly worth a try.

In the same vein as the Macanudo blend Lane Limited has also created a pipe tobacco that is meant to be evocative of smoking a Hoyo de Monterrey cigar. This one includes Black Cavendish and Virginias as well but it uses a burley base. An extremely subtle vanilla flavoring rounds things out. Hoyo de Monterrey is a stepping stone for someone who has only ever smoked mild aromatics but would like to branch out into more advanced styles.

Despite January typically being a down month for both the cigar industry and at retail in general we managed to stay fairly busy. We tried some new stuff that made its way into our smoking rotations and were reacquainted with some old favorites. Overall last month was a success. What did you smoke in January?

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