Winston’s Tasting Notes—AVO Syncro Fogata

Welcome to this edition of Winston’s Tasting Notes covering the newest line from AVO Cigars.  This new cigar is the AVO Syncro Fogata.  Sam and Sammy sat down and both smoked a robusto in this blend.  Be sure to watch the video and see their tasting notes below.

AVO Syncro Fogata

The Fogata is a new addition to last year’s Syncro line. The Syncros are the first AVO cigars to feature Nicaraguan tobacco. The idea behind these lines is to create cigars using both Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos. Playing them off of each other in an interesting and balanced way.  The tobaccos are in sync with each other.  You can see where the Syncro name came from. 

Last year’s Syncro line was somewhere between mild and medium in strength and body. With the Fogata AVO has kicked up the strength a notch into what is more of a full flavored but medium bodied cigar.

AVO is very forthcoming with the tobacco used in the Fogata and this blend uses a lot more Nicaraguan tobaccos than the original Syncro.  Here are the tobaccos used in the Fogata:

  • Ecuadorian Habano 2000 Clara Wrapper
  • Mexican San Andrés Negro Binder
  • Dominicana Yamasa Viso Filler
  • Piloto and San Vicente Ligero Filler
  • Ligero Filler from Estelí, Nicaragua
  • Visos Filler from Condega, Nicaragua

Sam’s Thoughts

The first time I smoked an AVO Fogata was after a long day at this year’s IPCPR. Even though I was not paying particular attention to the cigar, like when doing one of the tasting notes, I could tell that this was a rare blend deserving of more attention. Once I was able to sit down and focus on the Fogata I was very impressed.

This is one of those cigars that smokes dry.  I am not talking about the humidification level of the cigar, but in the way the smoke hits the palette.  Some cigar seem to make you salivate, this is not one of those.  Cigar blenders do these little tricks on purpose to help give depth to the flavor of the tobaccos. That is the case here.

Speaking of flavors, the Fogata gives me a lot of cedar and leather with a nice black pepper spice that tends to come and go.  Those three tastes are there throughout the smoke with one taking the front seat for a bit while the others step back a bit.  These are of course great classic cigar flavors but not every blend pulls it off.  The Fogata hits them out of the park in this great medium bodied and full flavored offering.

Sammy’s Thoughts

Some cigars are sweet, some are savory, and some balance a bit of both.  To me the Fogata is all about the savory.  There is a great hit of Nicaraguan spice right at the light up which transitions wonderfully into cedar and leather smoothness.  This is a smooth cigar and not a lot of cigars that lean towards the savory side can claim to have the smoothness that AVO has created here. 

To me this is a medium bodied cigar that picks up a little strength towards the end and finishes just shy of being bold.  This is for sure the most full bodied cigar that I have smoked from AVO, a brand generally known for their mild cigars.

This is my favorite cigar from AVO and has very quickly earned that place above some other truly fantastic cigars.


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