Winston's Tasting Notes--Davidoff Flake Medallions

Davidoff is a name that is known for luxury, the finer things in life, and tobacco of the highest quality. Although the company is known for their cigars, the company got their start with pipe tobacco.

Most of the blends currently offered by Davidoff are classics--tried and true blends. Some companies innovate and experiment with their blends, but Davidoff keeps it simple.

Below is our video tasting notes review of the Davidoff Flake Medallions. Be sure to read the rest of this article for more of our thoughts. 

Davidoff Flake Medallions

As the name implies, this is a spun, round, flake pipe tobacco. The bend here is one of the classic marriages of Virginia and Perique with a black Cavendish center. When we cracked open the tin, we were immediately hit with notes of dried fruit. The flakes were easily broken up, and after allowing 15 minutes for the tobacco to air dry a little, we were ready to light them up.

Sam’s Thoughts

I absolutely loved the tin note on this tobacco. It has a wonderful scent of dried fruits Savinelli Collection 2016and a hint of sourness, like dried apricots and figs. This isn’t the artificial assault you can get when an aromatic topping is added, but the fruit that Perique can sometimes give to a blend. It’s rich and complex and makes me want to eat some of it. Eating tobacco is of course a very bad idea, so instead I smoked it in my Savinelli Collection 2016 pipe.

After a good char light and tamping, I settled in to see how this Davidoff blend would unfold. I was excited to see if the tin notes were to be found in the smoke. Unfortunately they are not.

I am smoking another bowl of the Davidoff Flake Medallions as I write this. I wanted to give it another shot at delivering the promise from the tin aroma. Every so often I will get a hint of the dried fruit, but it is way in the background. A retro hale doesn’t produce it either. The room note has a bit of the fruit, but it too is very subdued.

The flavors I do get from this tobacco are nice and mellow. There is some nicotine strength present to what I would call a medium level. The smoke is all but bite free even when pushed a bit harder than you normally do with a heavy Virginia blend. There is some of that wonderful natural sweetness that you expect from a good Virginia. I also get a bit of the sourness from the Perique. It tastes like an honest Virginia tobacco and that is a great flavor, but I want more.

Andrew’s Thoughts

 If a chef can say that you eat with your eyes first, then it is fair enough for a tobacconist to say you smoke with your eyes first. The Davidoff Flake Medallions excel in this regard. Opening the tin, folding back the paper, being greeted by neat little pinwheels of Virginia perique with a black Cavendish bullseye is quite enticing.

Davidoff Flake MedallionsAs with food your next major interaction with tobacco is smell. The tin note is another win for Davidoff Flake Medallions. Dominated by dried fruit, the aroma is pleasantly sweet but not cloying and there is enough clarity to pick out figs, raisins, and prunes. The nose on this tobacco had me excited and ready to pack and light it.

It all comes down to taste doesn’t it? Can the taste of the Davidoff Flake Medallions live up to the expectations built by the striking visual and appealing aroma? Unfortunately no—not if you are after the fruit flavors. The Davidoff creates an expectation that is left unfulfilled—a situation similar to being promised hot wings and getting mild wings. Sure, they are still good because they are chicken wings.

Instead, the Davidoff Flake Medallions are very mellow. The sweetness of the Virginias comes through but the perique recedes in the smoking. Primarily the taste of this blend is very uniform. This is probably because of the Cavendish core blurring the edges of the more distinctive tobaccos in the blend. It is a pleasant smoke that would be good for distracted smoking opposed to a more focused tasting, especially considering the lack of tongue biteyness in this blend.

For someone who regularly smokes Latakia heavy English blends and fuller Virginias, this tobacco might fall short. For a smoker of milder aromatic blends who would like to take a step into the world of Virginias, or someone new to the esoteric world of tinned tobaccos, I would be hard pressed to find a better starting point than Davidoff Flake Medallions.

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