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You Should Smoke A Morta Pipe

Why would anyone want to smoke a pipe made out of partially petrified bog oak? For a lot of reasons actually. Still a lot of pipe smokers are hesitant to take the plunge on morta. Whether they are loyal to briar or just a traditionalist, breaking out into the world of morta pipes can be a big ask. But for me part of the fun of the pipe hobby is mixing things up and trying something new, or at least new to you. In that spirit, here are some of the reasons why smoking a morta pipe is a good idea. What is morta? Before we get ahead of ourselves let's quickly go over what morta is and where it...

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Winston’s Tasting Notes—Esoterica Margate

Winston’s Tasting Notes—Esoterica Margate Welcome to this edition of Winston’s Tasting Notes!  In this installment we are tasting Margate Full English from Esoterica. Be sure to check out our video and detailed tasting notes below. Esoterica Esoterica pipe tobacco is one of those storied brands and it is made by an even more storied company.  The blends are made by J.F. Germain and Son which has been in business since 1820 in the British Isles.  They make some other fantastic blends under their own name, J.F. Germain, along with Esoterica and a few others.  This is a very small company that makes all of their blends in limited quantities. A number of the Esoterica blends have a lot of hype...

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